1955 Chevrolet

150, 210, Bel Air


Models w/manual transmission: 235.5 cid inline six engine, 123 hp @ 3800 rpm

Models with Powerglide transmission: 235.5 cid inline six, 136 hp @ 4200 rpm

Turbo-Fire Base V-8: 265 cid V8, 162 hp @ 4400 rpm, 2 barrel carb.

Turbo-Fire Optional V8: 265 cid V8, 180 hp 4600 rpm, 4 barrel carb

3-speed manual transmission with column shifter was standard on all models

Overdrive available on standard transmission models

Powerglide 2 speed automatic transmission

Power Steering

Power brakes

Power windows

Power seats

Turn signals

Heater and defroster

Air conditioning

White sidewall tires

Locking gas cap

Continental tire kit

Outside sun visor

Self-de-icing wiper blades

Wiring junction block

Electric clock


Seat covers

Accelerator pedal cover

Wire wheel covers

Tissue dispenser

Exhaust extension

License plate frame


Grille guard

Fender guard

Door edge guard

Gasoline filler guard

Tool kit

Back-up lights

Courtesy lights

Cigarette Lighter

Electric shaver

Floor mats

Outside rearview mirrors

Inside non-glare rearview mirrors

Manual Radio

Push-button Radio

Signal-seeking Radio

Rear speaker

Fender antenna

Automatic top riser armrests

Wheel trim rings

Safety light with mirror

Sport lamp

Parking brake signal

Door handle shields

Front fender shields

Vent Shades

Inside sun visor

Vanity visor

Traffic light viewer

Electric windshield wipers

Food-operated windshield washer

Vacuum-operated windshield washer