1957 Chevrolet

150, 210, Bel Air


Basic Engine: 235.6 cid inline 6, 140 hp @ 4200 RPM

Turbo-Fire Base 265 V-8 (manual trans. or Touchdown overdrive): 265 cid V8, 162 hp @ 4400 RPM, 2 barrel carb.

Turbo-Fire Base 283 V-8 (Powerglide trans.): 265 cid V8, 185 hp @ 4600 RPM, 2 barrel carb.

Turbo-Fire 220 Optional V8: 283 cid V8, 185 hp @ 4600 RPM, 2 barrel carb.

Turbo-Fire 245 Optional V8: 283 cid V8, 220 @ 4800 RPM; Dual 4 barrel carbs, dual exhausts.

Ram-Jet Fuel-Injected Optional V8: 283 cid V8, 250 hp @ 5000 RPM, Rochester fuel injection, Dual exhaust.

Super Turbo-Fire Optional V8: 283 cid V8, 270 @ 6000 RPM, Dual 4 barrel carbs, Dual exhaust.

Super Ram-Jet Fuel-Injected Optional V8: 283 cid V8: 283 hp @ 6200 RPM, Rochester Fuel injection, Dual exhaust.

Power Brakes

Power Steering




Heavy-duty clutch

Heavy-duty generators

Accelerator cover

Oil bath air cleaner

Six-cylinder governor

Heavy-duty springs

Air conditioner (V8 only)

Deluxe heater and defroster

Recirculating heaterand defroster

Armrests (150)

Autronic headlight dimmer

Outside sun visor

Back-up lights

Chrome sill moldings

Parking brake signal lamp

Power seat (except 150)

Optional colors (paint and convertible tops)


Courtesy lights

Glove Box light

Custom Color interior

Door edge guards

Door handle shields

Exhaust extension

Fender guards

Fender top moldings

Floor mats

Locking gas cap

Tinted glass

Vibrator horn

License frames

Power convertible top

Vanity mirror

Oil filter

Chrome grille guard

Insect screen

Radio antennas

Radio, manual

Radio, push-button

Radio, signal-seeking

Real speaker

Rain deflectors

Rearview mirrors (3 kinds)

Seat covers

Ventilated seat pad

Electric Shaver


Right-hand sun visor (150)

Whitewall and oversized tires

Tissue dispenser

Tool kit

Traffic light viewer

Trunk light

Under-hood light

Continental wheel carrier

Wheel covers

Wire wheel covers

Power windows (except 150)

Plastic windshield glare shield

Windshiled washers (automatic and foot operated)

De-icing wiper blades

Dual electric wipers

Wiring junction block

Safety seat belts and sholder harnesses