1962 Chevy II

100, 200, 300, Nova (400)


Chevy II Base 4 Cylinder: 153.cid, 90 hp @ 4000 RPM, 1 one-barrel carb.

Chevy II Optional 6 Cylinder (Standard for Nova): 194.4 cid inline 6, 120 hp @ 4400 RPM, 1 0ne-barrel carb.

Chevy II Base V8: 283 cid V8: 170 hp @ 4200 RPM, two-barrel carb.

Chevy II Optional V8: 327 cid V8, 250 hp @ 4400 RPM, 4-barrel carb.

Chevy II Optional V8: 327 cid V8, 300 hp @ 5000 RPM, Dual exhaust, 4-barrel carb.

Chevy II Optional "Corvette" V8: 327 cid V8, 340 hp @ 6000 RPM, Dual exhaust, 4 barrel carb.

Chevy II OPtional "Corvette" V8: 327 cid V8: 360 hp @ 6000 RPM, Dual Exhaust, Rochester fuel injection

Heavy-duty battery

Heavy-duty clutch

Crankcase ventilation

Powerglide transmission

35 amp Generator

Delcotron 42 amp Generator

Heavy-duty radiator

Air conditioning

Rear armrest (100s only)

Front seat driver's safety belt

Two front seat safety belts

Power steering

Power brakes

Heavy-duty brakes

Tinted glass

Padded dash

Two tone paint (except convertibles)

Power tailgate window (wagons

Manual radio and antenna

Push-button radio and antenna

Statio wagon divided second seat

Nova 400 front bucket seats

Heavy-duty rear shock absorbers

Heavy-duty springs

Whitewall tires

Full wheel covers

Wire wheel covers

Rear axles: 3.36:1 or 3.55:1

Positraction rear axle